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A leader in expense management, Atlantis Business Consulting is known for its expertise in helping businesses reduce costs associated with energy. The firm serves companies in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Massachusetts. Currently, Atlantis Business Consulting is working on developing a solar power plant in New Jersey, scheduled to open in 2012. Solar power, which describes the energy that is obtained by conversion of sunlight into electricity, has become a more attractive energy source in recent years.

So what are the advantages of solar power? One major attraction is the fact that it is a renewable source of energy, as sunlight is readily available. Unlike solar energy, other sources of energy can be depleted. Another advantage of solar power is the fact that it does not cause pollution. And, unlike oil, sunlight does not cause harm to ecosystems as the process of generating solar power does not involve any spills. Furthermore, solar energy is free after the initial installation of equipment. Individuals living in rural areas might be drawn to solar energy since it may be more accessible to them, compared to some of the conventional sources of energy.

Also, the process of converting sunlight into electricity does not create noise pollution, unlike the process involved in extracting oil. Solar panels are easy to install as wires or cords are not involved in the set up. The equipment used to generate solar energy requires little maintenance. Typically, solar cells last a long time, requiring only an annual cleaning. Though solar panels may be expensive, the savings generated on electric bills makes the investment worthwhile.

Scientists are working on improving the process of generating solar power, and we believe that it will become increasingly popular as an alternative energy source.


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