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Many companies continue to factor additional costs for electricity into their budgets. After all, businesses require the technology to handle operations and administration, and this equipment uses a large amount of electricity. Moreover, everyday expenses such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems consume a great deal of electricity. For some organizations, HVAC equipment accounts for the majority of their electricity costs.

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While the energy market dictates many of the cost considerations for electricity, deregulated markets offer companies an opportunity to benefit from competitive pricing. Transmission companies generate electricity, but a growing number of companies purchase this commodity at wholesale rates and then sell it to businesses, homeowners, and other individual users. In an effort to gain long-term business, these providers offer a vast array of client services and prices. Businesses tend to be a target audience for electricity providers because most businesses require an inflexible quantity of electric power that increases rather than decreases.

As such, businesses of all sizes find themselves in an excellent position to garner electricity contracts that offer considerable opportunities for savings. However, the implementation of energy conservation programs captures additional savings that can provide funding for other purposes. Because of the energy usage and costs of heating, venting, and cooling, HVAC improvements tend to be an easy way to obtain savings.

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Simple steps, such as cleaning or changing air filters, improve the efficiency of HVAC systems and prolong the life of equipment. A preventative maintenance schedule facilitates optimal effectiveness of such systems, but it also ensures that companies are proactive in dealing with malfunctioning equipment before a failure occurs. A regular maintenance schedule should include cleaning evaporators, condensers, refrigerant coils, and exchanger surfaces. In addition, companies use their HVAC maintenance program to identify any defects to ducts, pipes, and insulation, allowing the company to resolve issues before they cause problems that could impede normal business operations or incur high replacement and repair costs.

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